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Land investment standards and guidelines: An overview in light of the need for food systems transformation

We reviewed and analysed global standards and other guidelines and principles related to land investment. Here's the summary in which we consider a wide range of efforts to set norms for land investment that include standards, guidelines, principles, frameworks and regulations. For simplicity, we refer to them all generically as “standards and guidelines”, or sometimes just “standards”. Also look out for our infobriefs that analyse alignment across the ‘pillars’ of transformation and present trends in transnational governance.

Transformative land investment: How do environmental, social, governance and societal standards add up?

With growing concern over climate, biodiversity and food crises, there is a proliferation of standards, guidelines and principles (simplified here as “standards and guidelines” or just “standards”) aimed at addressing environmental, social, governance and broader societal challenges (the “pillars” of transformative change).

Transformative land investment: Trends in transnational governance

Land governance standards, regulations and ‘food systems transformation’ have very different meanings across different actors, and different perceived roles – from facilitating large-scale land investments to preventing them.

Transforming food systems through inclusive agribusiness

An article in the journal World Development critically examines how inclusive agribusinesses can contribute to a sustainable food systems transition. It identifies various persistent effectiveness and scalability challenges, and proposes actionable strategies for overcoming these.



13th Annual LANDac Conference

June 29 – July 1, 2022, Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands
The LANDac Annual International Conference offers a podium for knowledge exchange between researchers, practitioners and private sector representatives working on land governance for equitable and sustainable development. Anticipating that restrictions on travel and large-scale events will still be in place, the LANDac Annual International Conference 2022 will be held in a hybrid format.