“The project and this consortium are well-placed to capitalize on the current opportunity to hit the reset button on global food systems.”

This consortium is uniquely prepared to take on this programme, bringing to it highly qualified and embedded partners with ample country-level experience and networks, thematic expertise and global presence and visibility.

CIFOR – an international research-for-development institute with a long track-record supporting private sector and governments improve the sustainability and equality of their agricultural and forestry supply chain. Through its offices in Ethiopia, Kenya, Burkina Faso and Indonesia, CIFOR leads TLI, provides quality control and supports consortium partners with designing, and implementing country-level activities. 

ICRAF – an international research-for-development institute with extensive expertise in developing and promoting more resilient, diversified and food secure smallholder farming systems. Through its presence in Ethiopia and Myanmar, ICRAF will support SNV a nd RECOFTC with their country-level activities.

LEI – an experienced international development consulting organization specialising in land administration, land policy and land tenure, particularly in the Mekong Region. Within TLI, LEI will lead capacity development and stakeholder/business engagement activities in Myanmar and Lao PDR.
RECOFTC – an international not-for-profit organization focused on the Asia-Pacific region. Since its founding in 1987, RECOFTC has empowered people and communities to produce innovative and enduring solutions to social, environmental, and economic challenges in the forestry and other land use sectors, including agriculture. RECOFTC leads country-level activities in Lao PDR and RECOFTC.

SNV – a Dutch non-profit development organization specializing in development projects in agriculture, energy, and water, sanitation and hygiene. With emphasis on increasing smallholder incomes and access to resources and services, and driven by a ‘leave no one behind’ philosophy, SNV supports inclusive business incubation, results-based financing, value chain development and cross-sectoral partnership formation. SNV leads country-level activities in Ghana, Ethiopia and Mozambique.