Cultivating Change

4 Key principles

TLI promotes 4 core values that we believe will bring forth many positive changes in developing countries.

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Social Inclusion




TLI innovation streams

TLI is creating sustainable food systems that empower vulnerable communities – engaging civil society in collective action that brings public and private sectors together.

Responsible investment

Through TLI, agribusinesses focus on environmental, social and governance aspects in their investment decisions. The goal is to bring social change through active ownership and promote the need for businesses to invest in smallholders rather than compete with them.

Business ecosystems

TLI supports civil society with the tools and information they need to be heard and make informed decisions. TLI assists land, and environmental agencies rapidly and cost- effectively appraise proposed investment sites’ social and ecological suitability.

Global community

TLI promotes a more holistic approach to developing business strategies among the global development community, which has long played a key role in promoting business sustainability. TLI supports aligning strategies,

The climate crisis and pandemic have both primed the world to look at new ways of doing development and increased calls for transformational change.

It certainly doesn’t feel like the pandemic has given us much to chuckle about, but, as experts reveal, having a good laugh is more important than ever for maintaining psychological well-being.

Don’t believe your actions will have any effect? Think again: Just 20 percent of people with the virus can drive up case numbers by 80 percent.

5 countries, 5 paths

Ethiopia, Mozambique, Ghana, Lao PDR, and Myanmar are taking part in the project’s first phase (2022–2025). From avocados to cocoa to wheat, each country will chart out unique pathways to tackling sustainability challenges.